Skincare Regimen For Your Face

Looking after your skin is a priority when you want to look your best for any occasion. Following a skincare regimen for your face is a good place to start.

The main focus is to keep the skin smooth and supple while doing everything in your power to prevent the onset of premature aging that can be brought on by lack of care and too much unprotected exposure to the sun.

So are you following a daily skin care regimen for your face?

If not, here are some of the steps that you should be following to ensure your face stays looking beautiful and youthful for all of your life!


Depending on your daily routine, meaning, work, exercise and play, your face is exposed to all sorts of dust, sweat, makeup, pollen, bacteria, etc.

One of the surest ways to have less than perfect skin is to avoid washing the crud off at the end of the day. Choose a gentle cleanser to start your daily beauty routine - something that will emulsify makeup, oil and dirt without harsh drying agents.

A good choice is the Sicilian Light Cleansing Foam from SKIN & CO Roma.

Enriched with Italian Purified water and Sicilian Orange, this products cleanses without stripping the skin, brightens, helps restoring the balance of your skin and eliminates impurities. It's also sulfate, paraben, and mineral oil free and is dermatologically tested.


One of the biggest culprits when it comes to a face that looks less than angelic is build up of dead skin that is in dire need of exfoliation.

Exfoliation should regularly be done, just make sure you are gentle. You don't need to take a belt sander to your face to exfoliate effectively.

SKIN & CO Roma's Sicilian Light Gommage is formulated to exfoliate and regenerate the skin and is ideal to even skin tone and soften and brighten the skin.

It contains active ingredients to boost Collagen and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. It's also sulfate, paraben, and mineral oil free and is dermatologically tested.


You may think that because your skin is on the oilier or dry side that you shouldn't moisturize.

If your skin is oily, choose a gel based product, and if your skin tends to be drier, you could easily go with a product like our Olivella Moisturizer, which is olive oil based and includes multiple other botanical ingredients like orange and lavender.

Moisturizing keeps your skin looking its best and should be done daily, especially after cleansing and exfoliating, preferably after stepping out of a hot shower. Hot water strips your skin's natural oils away and moisturizing will give your skin time to produce that oil again in the meantime.

No matter your skin type, if you follow this simple three-step regimen regularly, we promise you will notice your skin looks healthier and more youthful, and you will be looking and feeling more confident. Just be sure to do your research and find products suited to your skin type.

Final Words

The aim of taking good care of your skin is of course so that it remains looking good throughout your life.

The application of topical products is one way of achieving this, but is must not be forgotten that healthy skin comes from the inside.

Whatever you do, avoid smoking yourself as well as being around other people that smoke. The numerous toxins in tobacco smoke can age your body and your skin prematurely.

So be sure to stay mindful of your diet and what you eat and drink, because your inner health is reflected in your outer covering!


Posted on Sun, Sep 5, 2021 in Skin Care